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Ravish Patwardhan introduces the topic of athletics and the broader related aspects – the participants, the sport/endeavor, and the infrastructure involved.  No longer just a contest between athletes, various non-athlete professionals, institutions, and even the chosen venue all contribute to the business of athletics.  In this analysis, Patwardhan spans the spectrum of athletics, at times focusing on the very innate nature of the sport while different articles are dedicated to the ancillary items related to sports.  Representative agents, amateur vs. professional athletes, support staff, and the businessmen involved all contribute to the “sport.”

Having himself competed in collegiate NCAA athletics (www.ncaa.org) and participated in the NCAA Division II Cross Country National Championship Finals, Ravish Patwardhan brings a specific perspective.  As arguments abound about whether college athletes should/should not be compensated while the institutions they attend (and play for) are, this perspective about the “business” can take a role.

Yet controversial topics are not the sole source of information included in this discussion by Patwardhan.  On some level, the actual sport itself can be evaluated – as many have said that “sports are a microcosm of life.”  Whether via competition at a little-league level or in the grand amphitheater of the Olympics (www.Olympics.com), Patwardhan’s analysis considers the broader role of athletics in society.

The topics under this discussion are typically divided into a “past, present, and future” format.  Patwardhan chooses this organization based upon the scheme of “realizing origins” when considering the past, understanding our present-day issues, and considering the future of the sport (which may have some repercussions when dealing with newer controversies such as concussion and combined academic/athletic endeavors).

In some cases, Dr. Ravish Patwardhan applies his background as a neurosurgeon in addressing the tug-of-war that sometimes occurs in the athlete-vs.-physician advice of playing vs. not playing.  In the past, Patwardhan has teamed with former NFL professional Owen Schmitt (who played with the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders) in discussing concussions, their careful recognition, and precautions following diagnosis.

Overall, this discussion is one in a multi-part dialogue of various attributes relevant to the much-encompassing world of athletics, as related by Ravish Patwardhan.

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